Apply in this manner to get a 50% grant for the production of this flower

Growing Tuberous Flowers: The government is giving Bihar’s farmers financial support so they may grow tuberous flowers. so that both the quantity of flowers in the state and farmer revenue will grow.

The government has made a crucial move for growers of horticulture. The Bihar government is offering a subsidy facility for the production of tuberous flowers in an effort to boost farmers’ incomes and provide for them apply in this manner to get a 50 grant for the production of this flower apply in

Tuberous Flower Subsidy
According to the information obtained, the Bihar government provides horticulture farmers in the state with subsidies of up to 50% for the growth of tuberous flowers. Let us inform you that the cost of growing tuberous flowers has been set by the government at Rs 15 lakh per acre. The government would provide the farmers a subsidy of up to 50% based on this.

Farmers will get 50,000 rupees
If calculations are accurate, the farmers in the state would get at least Rs. 50,000 each under the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission program for growing tuberous flowers under the aforementioned subsidy.

Apply for the program in this manner
You may profit from this state government program under the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission Scheme if you are a farmer in Bihar as well. You must submit an application for this by going to the Bihar Agriculture Department’s official website.

Do not fear if for some reason you have trouble applying online; you may call the park office that is closest to you for assistance.

Aadhar card documents needed for the program

bank statement

Feeding card

voting ID

picture in passport size

number, etc.

Tuberous flowers are the name for these blooms

You may be asking at this point what exactly are tuberous flowers. India is home to a wide variety of floral species. How can we identify them? Don’t worry; we have provided you with a list of the names of a few tuberous flowers that may be found in the nation. They are as follows.





Nirvana Phrygia





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