Chemical fertilizer use is bad for both soil health and human health

The quality of the soil is negatively impacted by farmers’ excessive use of chemical fertilizers in their farms. All of the fruits, grains, and vegetables we utilize in our cuisine are also incredibly unhealthy. Food products containing chemicals cannot provide us with the nutrients we need in large quantities, which makes any crop dangerous rather than healthy. Farmers should utilize the least amount of chemical fertilizers possible. When chemical fertilizers are used to irrigate crops, they mix with the soil and degrade, which reduces the soil’s fertility and prevents the crops from receiving the right quantity of chemical fertilizer use is bad for both soil health and human health chemical fer

Agricultural damage brought on by chemical fertilizers

Urea, diammonium phosphate, super phosphate, zinc sulfate, potash, and others are examples of chemical fertilizers.

Urea: Due to its high nitrogen content and frequent overuse, urea quickly kills crops. Crops and trees are severely harmed by this fertilizer.

Di Ammonium Phosphate: Excessive usage causes the soil’s fertility to decline dramatically, which slows down crop growth and causes green vegetables to lose their flavor and become very detrimental to human health.

Super Phosphate: This chemical fertilizer quickly worsens soil, agricultural, and environmental contamination. The impact of these chemical fertilizers also causes the helpful tiny insects that are already present in the soil to swiftly perish.

Mansukh Mandaviya, the union minister for chemicals and fertilizers, has pleaded with the farming brothers to refrain from using chemical fertilizers. Additionally, it plans to implement the Kisan Samriddhi Mahotsav program, where tight measures will be implemented to prevent the diversion of subsidized urea for agriculture to other businesses. He said that people who use industries for non-agricultural purposes would face stern legal action. Because to the increased use of artificial fertilizers, soil fertility is declining.

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