This machine for making cowdung wood/dung cakes will increase your income

Today we will tell you about a wood made from cow dung whose demand has increased many times more than before. Till now, for whatever cow dung cakes we made, we used to collect the cow dung at one place and sift it with our hands. After that they were kept at a place to dry. But now you won’t have to do this. Today we will tell you about a machine with which you can prepare wood made from cow this machine for making cowdung wooddung cakes will increase your income this mac

Cow dung wood-making machine

Dung Machine is very easily available in the market today. You have to put the collected dung in this machine. After which this machine does the work itself. After you put the cow dung in the machine, the machine itself will convert the cow dung into wood and come out of the machine. In this, your job is to keep those pieces of cow dung cakes to dry in an organized manner.

How much does this machine cost after installation?

If you install this machine in your plant, you will only have to pay the cost of electricity. This machine is of only 5 HP. If we talk about its electricity consumption, it consumes approximately one unit of electricity per hour. And it can prepare more than 100 uplas in an hour. In this machine, instead of round shaped balls, you can get brick shaped balls or square or long thick pipe shaped balls. Due to this shape it is also called cow dung wood.

Where can you sell?

After installing this machine you can increase your reduction even further. If you are a dairy operator then this machine becomes even more valuable for you. For its sale, first of all you can contact such places near you where wood is required on daily basis. In which there can be hotels, dhabas and even crematoriums.

After this you can also sell these cakes on online platforms. In which you can not only create your own website and sell it but can also sell it on websites like Amazon, Flipkart. By selling them online you get many times more price.

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