You may learn the costs and profits as well as get a license for a dry fruit company in this way

Young people nowadays see business as more lucrative than employment, and why shouldn’t they? because you may generate more money through a company than a job. We’ve given you a business idea today that you can simply launch from home with little startup capital.

Actually, the company we are discussing is one that packs dried fruit. So tell us everything there is to know about this company. so that you may effectively launch it from your you may learn the costs and profits as well as get a license for a dry fruit comp

Let’s first discuss what dried fruit is.

Dry fruits are just dried fruits, to put it simply. That implies that the list of dry fruits also includes figs, dates, apricots, raisins, and walnuts. All of these nutrients are rich in vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium, and other minerals that are important for our health.

Let us notify you that, both domestically and internationally, the demand for dried fruits is steady throughout the year. If you do business in this circumstance, you may make a significant sum of money in a few months.

Consider these factors while operating a dried fruit company.

Registration and Licensing

choosing a place

to purchase products in the market, etc.

Where to get basic materials for packaging dry fruit

You won’t have to go far to get the supplies you need for this company. Because you will need to visit your local market or large market to purchase this item. Where to get all types of dried fruit. Then, according to your budget, you must package all of them and sell them at the market or to the contacts’ gym patrons.


For this firm, location is crucial. You may make more money faster if your home is close to a market and a gym.

Process of obtaining a license and registering a dried fruit company

You must get a license for this company if you decide to establish a dry fruit business by purchasing a storefront in the market. You must get in touch with the closest administrative official for this job. In addition, you may apply for a dry fruit business license online. You must visit the Food Safety Department’s official website to do this. where you must submit your application for a license in food safety. Additionally, you’ll need to pay GST for your firm.

Investment in the dried fruit industry

You may obtain dried fruits from Jammu and Kashmir or other regions where you can get them at inexpensive prices by packing your own packets for 20 to 30 rupees. You may make a good living just by packing 100 items each day. Calculations show that you may easily make Rs. 25–30 thousand each month.


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