You may make Revdi and Gajak at home and earn a lot of money

Winter Season: The market begins to smell like Rewari and Gajak as soon as the winter season arrives. People usually notice Rewari and Gajak when they go from the market to the neighboring stores.

Let us advise you that they are quite well-established in the majority of Indian states. Because Revdi and Gajak provide a person with a substantial daily income throughout the winter. The enterprise of Revdi and Gajak is a fantastic choice for you if you are also considering beginning a company. Since the winter, they have really been consumed in practically every home in the nation. As a result, there is a big market for it right make revdi and gajak at home you will earn big money make revdi and gajak at home

So, please describe in full in today’s post how to create gajak and rewari. so that you can simply create it at home and profit well from selling it in the marketplace.

Rewari-making process
In accordance with the advice provided, jaggery must first be taken and cooked over a high heat till it turns into syrup in order to produce revdi. Ghee must be added to the jaggery syrup as needed as it begins to form.

Leave the jaggery syrup to cool after it has been properly boiled. The syrup has to be churned once it has cooled. The more sugar syrup is churned, so the saying goes. The flavor just keeps getting better. Let us inform you that the syrup expands like elastic when it cools.

You must create rolls from it after correctly churning it, then chop the rolls into smaller pieces as needed. After that, combine them well in low-flame heated sesame seeds. They should be heated until the sesame and jaggery rolls are thoroughly combined. Once well combined, you must give the roll a rewari-like form. You may manufacture Revdi at home in this method.

Making gajak at home
Gajak is simpler to make than Rewari. Jaggery and sesame seeds must be combined and worked into flour to produce gajak. Do you then need to give it the form of a laddu and shape it like a roti before filling it with a combination of cashew nuts and sesame seeds?

In addition, you may add peanuts and form it into a flat disc, which is frequently available in the market.

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