Learn how to establish charging stations in India as the number of electric cars rises daily

All throughout the globe, electric cars are being advocated due to air pollution and the changing environment. The number of electric automobiles is also rising daily in India. The government is also promoting the use of electric cars in place of gasoline and diesel engines. As a result, there are more electric cars on the road today. In such a scenario, new career prospects as well as business chances will emerge in the near future. Even today, the operation of electric car charging stations might be advantageous for the populace. Let’s find out how to launch this enterprise in our nation.charging stations in India

At this distance, the charging station may be opened

In this nation, many have purchased electric automobiles, but charging them is a major hassle for them. Currently, the majority of individuals charge their cars at home. because the nation lacks enough charging facilities. While this is true, most of the charging stations are found in major cities. In this case, you may charge your vehicle, bike, scooter, and other devices by setting up a charging station in your town or city. resulting in a lucrative income. In accordance with the Government of India’s regulations, electric car charging stations may be established every three kilometers in urban areas and every twenty-five kilometers or more on highways.

Require a lot of room

The only prerequisite for opening a charging station is an EV license. This is free and provided by the Indian government. The establishment of charging stations in other states has also been announced with significant incentives. Following the licensing, a minimum of 100 square feet of space is needed to establish a charging station. Although the area needed for charging equipment is just 10 square feet, it is crucial to have a large parking lot.

Starting a company comes at a steep price

A charging station may start up for anywhere between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 50 lakh. The charging point’s quality has a direct impact on price. Two different charging point kinds exist. The first kind of charging takes six to seven hours for sluggish charging. The second method is quick charging, which takes one to two hours to completely charge the car. The majority of the expenses go toward new electrical connections, civil work, technical labor, upkeep, marketing, software, and site-related expenses. Two to three thousand rupees may be made from this business every day, even if it is begun on a modest scale.

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