Apply here for a government award for banana farming

Banana Plantation: The federal and state governments always devise new programs to help farmers better their financial situation. The Bihar government continues to introduce several programs in this series for the state’s farmers. To expand banana horticulture in the state, the Bihar government is granting farmers exemptions for growing bananas under the “Horticulture Development Mission Scheme.” apply here for a government award for banana farming apply here for a government

Using the tissue culture method for cultivation

Growing bananas is a tremendously lucrative business. Your revenue may double if you use this tissue culture approach for farming because of the high output. The banana crop takes around one to one and a half years to mature. It takes 8 to 9 months to prepare if you grow it using the tissue culture method.

The sum of the grant

Farmers in Bihar are receiving funding under the National Horticulture Development Mission program. The government provides farmers with up to 50% per hectare in subsidies to help them grow bananas. In addition, the government provides subsidies for the growth of litchi, mango, and guava. The cost of growing bananas at a farm of one hectare has been set by the government at Rs. 1 lakh, 25,000. The government is providing farmers with a stipend of up to 62,000 rupees in exchange for this.

Operating system

If you, my farmer brothers, desire to benefit from this program, you may apply online by going to the Bihar Government’s official horticulture department website at


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