Learn how much of a subsidy the Bihar government would provide for flower farming

Compared to other seasons, the Kharif crop period is the most special to farmers. This is because this time of year is dependent on the monsoon. Because of this, the crops that are planted at this period are mostly considered cash crops. However, the Bihar government has made a significant declaration about the farmers’ monsoon flower production. So you inform us that farmers may submit an application for the production of learn how much of a subsidy the bihar government would provide for flower farming learn how much of a subsidy the bihar government would provide for flower farming

Grant money will be provided for growing marigolds

The Bihar government has offered a significant gift for flower growers. whereby the government would subsidize farmers who grow marigolds by up to 70%. As a significant incentive for them to grow flowers, the government will provide this assistance to the farmers. According to the government, its goal is to accelerate the doubling of farmers’ income. Farmers will be encouraged to farm under this plan, and their income will also rise.

You’ll be given this much in aid

The Integrated Horticulture Development Mission program, run by the Bihar government, would provide the growers with this subsidy sum. Regarding its distribution among farmers, the government would provide a subsidy of 70%, or around 28000 rupees, on the cost of cultivating it, which is 40000 rupees.

Apply as such

Farmers who grow it and wish to profit from it must first complete the registration form by visiting the website associated to it. After selecting all the choices, you must submit the form.

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