How much will black turmeric bring in, and what are its health benefits?

Black Turmeric: When you hear the term turmeric, you probably picture something yellow, but did you know that turmeric also comes in a black color? Compared to yellow turmeric, this color’s market price is much greater. Ayurvedic medications are mostly made using it. Let us inform you that compared to yellow turmeric, black turmeric has more vitamins and minerals.Untitled design 20

Water Evaporation

Loamy, friable soil is used to grow black turmeric. Low-draining soil is needed for it. In locations with rainwater, it cannot be grown. Farmer Brothers should choose a suitable location with consistent sunshine for its production. Additionally, producers should choose a field with a decent drainage system for its production.

Medical Qualities

Black turmeric is a component of many different medications. Asthma, antioxidant, antifungal, anticonvulsant, analgesic, antibacterial, and ulcer illnesses are among the conditions it is used to treat. In addition, this indigenous medicine is utilized to treat conditions including pneumonia, cough, fever, and asthma.


The market price of black turmeric is between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 4000. It may be a really nice and lucrative transaction for you if you grow it. Black turmeric has a very high market demand and price because of its therapeutic benefits. Two quintals of seeds of black turmeric will be sown if you grow it in a one-hectare area. One acre of land may yield up to 70 quintals, and growing black turmeric can easily bring in between Rs 40 and 50 lakh.

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