Grow these therapeutic plants to get wealthy, and learn how to farm

This is a crucial chance for you if you practice traditional farming and desire to grow therapeutic plants in this new era. Currently, there is a tremendous market need for medicinal herbs. These therapeutic crops have the unique quality of having minimal production costs and great yields. You may make considerably more revenue if you develop it. Today, let’s talk about some of these profitable medicinal plants that you may grow these therapeutic plants to get wealthy and learn how to farm grow these therapeutic plants to get wealthy and learn how to farm

Understanding of medicinal plants

growing of lemongrass

It also goes by the name lemon grass. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to seed it. Once a year, this crop is weeded. You may water it five to six times a year. Once lemongrass is grown, it will continue to produce harvests for the next five to six years. On the Indian market, the cost of the oil derived from it might reach Rs 1200 per liter.

Cultivation of ashwagandha

A medicinal herb called ashwagandha is used to create a number of different medications. For long years, it has been used in Indian medicine. The root, stem, and leaves of this plant are used to make a variety of medications. The harvest of Ashwagandha is ready in 6 to 8 months. Currently, ashwagandha costs between Rs 30 and Rs 35 thousand per quintal on the market.

Cultivation of satavar

This also goes by the name Shatavari. Many drugs are made using it. This plant’s leaves and twigs are used to create medications. You may easily make between Rs 6 and Rs 8 lakh if you grow Satavar on your one-acre plot.

Gardening with geraniums

The aroma of geraniums is well recognized. It is used to create cosmetics, oils, soaps, and medications. It is grown in the coastal regions of India. It may be grown for excellent financial gain. Geranium oil now sells for between Rs 20 and Rs 22 thousand per liter on the market; growing it might improve your luck.

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