If you use cows of the Sirohi breed, you’ll get milk stock

The finest ghee comes from cows, however, Sirohi ghee is in more demand than other types. Gujarat is said to be the source of sirohi cows. It is the most authentic cow breed from India. The regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan are where this breed is most prevalent. This cow has a substantially higher milk production capability than other cows. This cow has an average lifespan of 18 to 20 years, which is 2 to 3 years longer than the average lifespan of if you use cows of the sirohi breed youll get milk stock if you use cows of the sirohi breed youll get milk stock

Manufacture of milk

When it comes to milk production, Sirohi cows may produce 10 to 12 liters of milk every day. The Sirohi breed of cow may produce up to 1647 liters of milk at a single calving, according to NDDB.

Features of the Sirohi Cow

Sirohi cows are bigger than other cows, weighing between 250 and 300 kg. Bulls of this species weigh between 350 and 400 kg.

These cows typically stand between 120 and 125 centimeters tall. Bulls may grow to a height of 130 to 135 cm.

This breed outperforms superior breeds like Sahiwal, Rathi, and Gir. Its ghee is priced twice as much on the market.

The geographic foundation behind the breed’s name. On the highest points of the Aravali Mountains in Rajasthan, it is also known as Nar in the native tongue. Its character is roving.

In January 2020, the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources in Karnal certified this cow as a distinct breed of native Indian cattle.

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