Learn about the characteristics of the Ponvar breed of cow

Ponwar Breed Cow: Purnia is another name for the Ponwar breed cow. India’s Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra are where you may find it. This cow has a pronounced hump, long and slender tail, tiny ears, brilliant eyes, and medium-sized horns. This cow is 109 cm on average in length. It typically produces 10 to 12 liters of milk each learn about the characteristics of the ponvar breed of cow learn about the charac

Ingredient in food

This cow eats grains such as wheat, barley, gram, corn husk, peanut peel, cotton seed peel, sesame peel, and millet. In addition, feeding it with a straw promotes healthy milk production.


Animal bodies require enough shade. It requires a conducive setting. Ponvar requires shelter from the cold, the sun, and heavy rains. Ensure that the refuge has access to clean water and learn about the characteristics of the ponvar breed of cow learn about the charac 1

Pregnancy Animal Care

The cow’s pregnancy requires particular attention. A good calf will be born as a result of its proper management, and milk production will also improve.

Cattle Care

As soon as the calf is born, keep it close to the mother and wrap it in a warm towel or gunny sack. Remove the calf’s phlegm as soon as possible. If the calf is having trouble breathing, put your hands on its chest and give it some comfortable artificial air.


Continue administering several immunizations to the animals on a regular basis. After 7 to 10 days after birth, remove the calf’s horn and immunize it against the sickness.

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