Young farmer began growing vegetables and is now making thousands of Rupe in earnings

Even the nation’s farmers are now not far from this evolving technology. Many of the nation’s young farmers combine farming with their education to support their families. Additionally, he is serving as an example for others around him by succeeding in farming. We’re referring to Jharkhand-based farmer Yogesh Kumar. They combine farming and their academics and earn young farmer began growing vegetables and is now making thousands of rupees in ea

Approach to farming

Yogesh is interested in farming in addition to his education since his family is a farmer. Yogesh learned about the Soil Health Card program sponsored by the Indian government at this time. He then had the soil in his field analyzed at the district agricultural center and, on the recommendation of agricultural professionals, chose to start growing vegetables there. Yogesh claims that his family gave him complete support in his endeavors.

Fertilizers and manure

Yogesh began using the traditional technique for fertilizing crops. They use manure made from neem seeds in addition to cow and buffalo excrement. Cucumber is the produce he grows the most, and because of the great demand it has during the wedding season, he makes a significant profit.


Yogesh, a young farmer, claimed to make between Rs 5 and Rs 6 lakh annually. Vegetables grown using organic fertilizers are in great demand on the market. In such a condition, they get extremely attractive rates in this period of rising quantities of veggies laced with chemicals.

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