There are five such government programs that will provide an 80% subsidy on agricultural equipment

The majority of individuals in our nation support their families via farming. But did you know that the nation’s farmer brothers confront several challenges in order to produce a healthy crop? Farmers did not need a lot of equipment for farming in previous times. But just as things are changing, so are agricultural practices. To increase their income, farmers in this day and age use modern farming on their grounds. They need a variety of agricultural tools for this. But the market price of this agricultural equipment is relatively there are five such government programs that will provide an 80 subsidy on agricu

For your knowledge, let us mention that some farmers in the nation lack the funds necessary to purchase new agricultural equipment. The Indian government has implemented several great programs for both small and large agricultural equipment with these farmers in mind. Farmers may readily profit from these programs by acquiring agricultural equipment for farming by applying. We have provided detailed information regarding the government’s top five agricultural equipment programmes in this post today.

An examination of the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme’s ambitions for agricultural machinery

Farmer Subsidy Program

Sambal Mission for Agricultural Workers in Rajasthan

grant program for agricultural equipment

Grant for farm equipment under the Crop Residue Management Scheme

The primary goal of the government’s PM Kisan Tractor Scheme is to provide farmers with the highest possible revenue from farming. The government launched this program in 2022, under which farmers may acquire tractors with a 20–50% subsidy from the government. You may apply for the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme if you recently decided to purchase a tractor for farming as well. You may speak with your nearby public service center about this. In addition, several states accept applications from farmers for this program online. Visit this website for further information.

As you are aware, the harvester machine is essential to the paddy-wheat harvesting process. But the cost of this gadget on the market is quite expensive. The harvester machine may cost up to roughly 40 lakh rupees on the Indian market, per the information that was gathered. Numerous farmers are unable to purchase it because of the exorbitant cost. The Indian government provides a significant subsidy on the harvester machine in light of this circumstance.

Tell them that the harvester farmers get up to a 40% subsidy under the National Agriculture Development Plan. If we do the math in this case, the government is providing this equipment with a grant worth more than 15 lakh rupees. You must visit the closest public service center to benefit from this government initiative. Where you may quickly apply is there.

The government of Haryana is offering a free water recharge borewell service; be aware of the application process.

The state of Haryana’s government has implemented the Water Recharge Borewell Scheme to lessen agricultural damage brought on by rainwater

The Rajasthan Agricultural Workers Sambal Mission Scheme was established at the state level for the benefit of the state’s farmers in order to help them become self-sufficient and increase their agricultural profits. Let us inform you that under this program, farmers may get subsidies of up to Rs 5,000 to purchase agricultural equipment inside the state. If you wish to apply for this program as well, get in touch with the local agricultural office or center. To learn more, go on this link.

Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme: Under this program, the state government offers subsidies on a variety of farming-related equipment at different levels. The Rajasthani government has started subsidizing the purchase of drones for the state’s farmers under this program. The state government has provided a subsidy in this amounting to Rs. 4 lakh. Additionally, as part of this program, the government offers each family of landless workers a stipend of up to Rs 5,000 for the purchase of agricultural equipment. Visit this page for additional details about this plan. This provides a detailed explanation of the application procedure and other pertinent information.

Farm machinery is eligible for subsidies under the Crop Residue Management Scheme. The following are the names of the many kinds of agricultural machinery that the government has included into this plan. Super Seeder, Zero Till Seed cum Fertilizer Drill, Reaper cum Binder, Straw Baler, Happy Seeder, Paddy Straw Chopper, Super Paddy Straw Chopper, Mulcher, Rotary Slasher, Shrub Master, Reversible MB Plough, Super Seeder, Tractor Driven Crop Ripper and Automatic Crop Ripper, among other agricultural equipment. There is machinery for farming. All of these devices are subject to a 50–80% subsidy under this program. You must first register on the Meri Fasal Mera Byora site if you wish to benefit from this as well. You can only get its benefits after that.

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