Learn more about the full details of the Rs 10 lakh grant from the Bihar government

CM Entrepreneur Program: The government is always putting new programs into place to provide young people with jobs. In light of this, the Industries Department of the Bihar Government has initiated the Chief Minister Udyami Yojana initiative. Applications for the fiscal year 2023–2024 will open on September 15th under this program. The application deadline is September 24. Let us inform you that applicants for the Entrepreneur Scheme are chosen by lottery. 8000 persons are chosen as categories in this strategy. similar to A, B, C, and D. Following that, Rs 10 lakh would be provided for the establishment of businesses in various learn more about the full details of the rs 10 lakh grant from the bihar governme

There will be 58 projects totaling 4000 beneficiaries that come under Category-(A).

24 projects, including those in the fields of leather, textiles, food processing, and others, will comprise 3500 beneficiaries who come under Category (B).

500 beneficiaries will be included in 5 Category-C projects.

Parts in these regions

Numerous different sorts of units in the food processing industry may be established under this plan. This comprises ice cream factories, sauce, jam, and oil mills as well as bakeries, spice factories, and honey processing facilities, among other things.

Tiny manufacturing facilities

The Bihar government would assist you if you wish to launch a modest product manufacturing facility. individuals who are migrants in particular. These include hospital beds, stabilizers, disposable diapers, and athletic shoes.

Qualifications to Apply

The applicant’s age should fall between 18 and 50.

Must possess an intermediate, ITI, polytechnic, or comparable diploma.

Under the Mukhyamantri Udyami Yojana, only SC/ST men and women may apply.

Only men/women of OBC-1 may apply for this series.

Men of the general and BC-2 social classes, however, may apply.

In addition, women from various backgrounds may apply.

For Rs. 10 lakh, there would be no interest-free loans or subsidies.

The Mukhyamantri Udyami Yojana provides the recipient with a subsidy of Rs 5 lakh and an interest-free loan of Rs 5 lakh. The recipient has seven years to pay it back. Let us inform you that the government of Bihar offers financial support to businesses operating in any sector. Following the selection of the qualified, the Bihar government would invest Rs 25,000 in training for each unit.

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