You may also apply for the PM Yashasvi Scholarship Scheme 2023

The Indian government is always working to raise the country’s educational standards. She consistently provides educational initiatives for the nation’s young. Due to poverty and financial constraints, many pupils in the nation are unable to get a quality education. To assist students financially with their education in such a scenario, the Government of India has created the PM Yashasvi Scholarship Scheme. Tell us about this unique you may also apply for the pm yashasvi scholarship scheme 2023 you may also apply for the pm yashasvi scholarship scheme 2023

eligibility for scholarships

The Government of India will provide scholarship opportunities to the nation’s backward, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, and handicapped residents via the PM Yashasvi Scholarship Scheme. For this program, the government would provide 15,000 students financial aid of roughly Rs 383.65 crore per year.

approach to application

Visit the official NTA website at to apply for this scholarship, and register on the webpage shown below. After that, accurately fill out all the information requested there. Download a copy of the completed application form and print it as confirmation for your records after submitting it.

Pattern for the PM Yashasvi Entrance Exam
The physical examination for this scholarship will be administered using pen and paper and an OMR system. A total of 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in Hindi and English will be asked for this. Let us inform you that the test will last 150 minutes.

entrance qualifications

The candidate must be an Indian citizen and a member of one of the Other Backward Classes (OBC), Economically Backward Classes (EBC), or De-Notified Tribes (DNT) to be eligible for this award.

Candidates will only be chosen from those enrolled in the school listed on the website.

Candidates for this year’s test must have completed either the eighth or tenth grade in 2022–2033, and their parents’ combined yearly income cannot be more than Rs 2.5 lakh.

For the ninth grade, applicants must have been born between 01.04.2007 and 31.03.2011, and for the eleventh grade, between 01.04.2005 and 31.03.2009.

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